Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan

(the “Plan” or the “DRIP”) provides holders of Common Shares who are residents of Canada with a convenient method of reinvesting quarterly cash dividends in additional Common Shares of Alcanna Inc. For those who participate in the Plan, instead of receiving dividends on Common Shares in cash, the dividends are used to buy additional Common Shares. Common Shares acquired under the Plan, until such time as the Corporation issues a press release announcing the contrary, will be issued from the Corporation’s treasury at a discount of 3% from the Market Price.   

No brokerage or administration fees will be charged by the Corporation or the Plan Agent for participation in the Plan. 

Please see the DRIP Summary and FAQ below for further information.”

22-Jun-17 Dividend Reinvestment Plan Enrolment Form View
22-Jun-17 Dividend Reinvestment Plan Summary & FAQ View
22-Jun-17 Dividend Reinvestment Plan View